Evaluation Deputy Director of R&D Center 1

Job description:

1. Carrying out work under the leadership of the Company branch leaders, and collecting, sorting, analyzing, evaluating and archiving the corresponding test data;

2. Managing the sample room and archive room of R&D Laboratory; 

3. Obtaining evidence for the Laboratory and managing the program files; 

4. Preparing test and evaluation reports and the corresponding special reports and documents; 

5. Carrying out theoretical training among Laboratory personnel.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, or above with major in polymer;

2. Work experience of 2 years or above, and familiar with the PVC index relevance in the whole process, from synthesis to processing; 

3. Having strong ability to sort out data and to edit documents; 

4. Having a good command of literal software, graph editing software and image-text processing software. 

DUE TO: January 5, 2016


Instrument Detectors 3

Job description:

1. Carry out work under the leadership of the Detection Director, and complying with related technology disciplines and systems and confidentiality rules and regulations; 

2. Cooperating in equipment management and detection of R&D Laboratory;

3. Cooperating with the Director in completing processing equipment operation and management; 

4. Maintaining test equipment to ensure the safety of detection and processing validation process in the Laboratory.

Job requirements:

1. Junior college degree, or above, with major in chemistry, analysis, machinery, electronics and other related ones; 

2. Having strong manipulative ability and learning ability.

DUE TO:January 5,2016


Plastic Processing Operator 1

Job requirements:

1. Junior high school degree, or above;

2. Having experience of more than 5 years in PVC processing operation, and having a good command of PVC mixing, extrusion, molding and other processing operations;

3. Having certain understanding of the molds and screws, having strong manipulative ability, and being able to bear hardships.

DUE TO:January 5,2016


Sales Assistant 1

Job requirements:

1. Assisting Sales Manager in communication and business negotiation with customers;

2. Assisting Sales Manager in summarizing sales performance and analyzing customer production and demand data;

3. Establishing customer archives, and providing documents and samples required by the Marketing Department, in a timely manner;

4. Recording business calls, and completing other tasks assigned by superiors;

5. Assisting salesman in collecting payments for goods;

6. This job requires business trips at variable intervals. 

Job requirements:  

1. Having strong responsibility with chariness; 

2. Being able to bear hardships and having strong ability to adapt to the environment; 

3. Having communication and negotiation abilities, and being able to live on friendly terms with others; 

4. Those with the chemical knowledge background, and experience in sales in the plastic processing industry, will be preferred.

Work address: No.411~2, Bailong Road, Panlong District, Kunming, Yunnan. Once hired, you will be offered liberal wages and benefits.

DUE TO:December 12, 2015