Zhengbang Technology PVC Suspension Polymerization Dispersing Agent Series
  • The products cover all the varieties and types necessary to PVC polymerization, e.g. PVA series and cellulose series.

  • The products cover all the kettle types for VCM polymerization, e.g. 30m³, 48m³, 70m³, 105m³, 108m³, 137m³ and 143m³ kettles.

  • The products cover the production of all ordinary PVC types, including the production of PVC for special purposes, such as matting resin, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate resin, PVC of ultrahigh and ultralow polymerization degree and mixing resin. 

Product specification: covering the specification ranges of 200~3500 polymerization degrees and 35~99 alcoholysis degrees, including: 

  • Primary dispersing 

  • Secondary dispersing 

  • Cellulose