50kg blue plastic barrel 
Corrosion resisting
Easy to clean
Material: 100% all-new anti-UV HDPE
Total height : 550± 10 mmOuter diameter: 400± 10 mm
Minimum wall thickness:5±2 mm Caliber of charging:230±2 mm
Verified loading weight: 50kgTotal weight: 2500± 50 g
  • The packaging adopts the imported three-layer co-extrusion equipment. The outer layer is blue anti-UV and anti-aging layer. The interlayer has the light-proof and thermal-barrier effects. The inner layer in direct contact with the material adopts the 100% food-grade all-new material, safer to use. 

  • Plastic barrel adopts the non-toxic, tasteless and odorless HDPE, with excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, stable in the chemical property, non-conducting, corrosion resisting and acid-base resisting, convenient to stacking and handling due to the design of dual “L" rings on the left and right sides. 

  • After the drop test, air-tight test, hydraulic test and load test, it is consistent with the national standard requirements for plastic barrel.