Haikou Production Bases of Zhengbang Technology in Kunming produce the high-quality bio-based "vinyl acetate – ethylene" copolymer emulsion via the high-pressure polymerization technology in the process route from bio-ethanol to bio-ethylene, providing healthy and environmentally-friend emulsion products consistent with the global high-quality standard.

To ensure the rapidest market feedback and the most effective technical support, Zhengbang Technology has established the PolyCentric Laboratory in Kunming. Based on the high-level and high-precision detection & analysis equipment and the senior experts in the industry, we hope to provide the customers with the best solutions and value-added services by virtue of the high-quality bio-based emulsion products and technical services! 

Operation and storage notes

DiverSol® stable in the chemical property, non-flammable, non-irritating. For the absolute safety, you are advised to pay attention to the followings: the operators shall work in a well-ventilated environment and shall be provided with basic protective devices when handling the VAE Emulsion; in case of direct contact of eye or skin with VAE Emulsion, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water. 

DiverSol® shall be stored in a cool and dry place at the recommended temperature of 5~40℃ to avoid freeze, and shall be used up in 6 months. The barreled VAE Emulsion, if not used up after unsealing, must be sealed to prevent the latex drying and caking or deterioration resulting from pollution.

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