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Industry dynamics

PVC is the world‘s second largest, and China’s largest plastic raw material, occupying an important position in the national economy and people's livelihood. At present, China has been the world's first largest PVC manufacturing country. In 2014, the actual production was more than 15 million tons, most of which was PVC for general purposes. The annual output of special PV was less than 100,000 tons, in a single variety. With respect to PVC for general purposes, the PVC industry in China leads the world in productive capacity, but the industry of special PVC still has a large gap compared to international output, both in variety and quality. Therefore, the  special PVC  is still in the development stage in China, but its prospect should not be underestimated.

The reasons for slow domestic development of special PVC include:

  •  Domestic PVC manufacturing enterprises have large production equipment, unsuitable for manufacturing special specifications.

  •  The understanding of the development prospect of special PVC should still be improved.

  •  The technological development for special PVC is not in place yet.

Zhengbang Technology has a perseptive understanding for special PVC, and started R&D as early as five years ago, by  combination of foreign technologies and domestic PVC production equipment for rapid involvement and  development.        

After hard efforts for several years, starting from scratch and developing gradually, Zhengbang Technology has now developed into a leading enterprise manufacturing special PVC in China, and a manufacturer of viscosity-reducing PVC resin with the largest productive capacity, the most complete variety and leading quality in China.

Product introduction
Product CategorySpecificationProduct FeaturesProductive CapacityApplication
Viscosity-reducing PVC
Homopolymerized viscosity-reducing resinBJ—65PVC of this specification is a kind of resi,n for special purpose,s prepared by a special suspension method, about 30µm in the particle size range, which can absorb low-volume plasticizers, and has a certain affinity with other plasticizers. When prepared as a plasticized paste, it can not only substitute the PVC paste resin to reduce the product cost, but also reduce the viscosity of plasticized paste, substantially, to improve the paste processability and to increase the products inherent quality.The total productive capacity is 30,000 tons/year, the largest in China. The vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymerized viscosity-reducing resin technology can fill in the blank in China.Applied in the PVC paste resin processing field, it has become a raw material with equal importance to the PVC paste resin. It has been widely applied in the PVC paste resin processing field, e.g. automobile, toy, wallpaper and leather.
Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymerized viscosity-reducing resinBLJ—65
Matte PVC
Matte PVC powderB-70The special suspension method and polymerization process are used for partial cross-linking in the PVC resin synthesis process to produce a PVC resin with a special and unique performance. We call it matte PVC powder. Compared to ordinary PVC, it has better solvent resistance, heat resistance, mechanical strength and processing size stability, with uniform surface finish.The productive capacity is 30,000 tons/year, and the product technology and quality are leading in China.The product can be processed into hard or soft plastics with extinction characteristics, widely applied in automobile, building materials, cables and cords, cards, furniture, clothing and other fields.
PVC resin of ultra low polymerization degreePVC resin of ultra low polymerization degreeBJ-65DThis PVC resin of ultra low polymerization degree is synthesized by the high-temperature chain transfer and suspension free radical technology, with reasonable design of chemical structure and space stacking structure, which has low molding processing temperature, short plasticizing time, strong liquidity, flame retardance and other excellent product properties.The productive capacity is 20,000 tons/year. It can fill in the blank in China due to the excellent product quality.It has been widely applied in the preparation of PVC injection molding, high-strength, high-toughness, flame-retarded ABS alloy, hard PVC transparent sheet, large thin-film PVC extruded product and high-glossiness PVC color batch due to its excellent chemical properties.