Application and Technical Service
  • Quality uniformity ensured for the same type products produced by different kettle types, without any tedious adjustment of process conditions and formulas for PVC polymerization enterprises for different kettle types. 

  • Quality stability assured for different batches of products produced by the same kettle type. After wide usage by customers at home and abroad in the past dozen years, the product stability has been confirmed. 

  • The fisheye disappearance speed can be increased significantly. Observation through determination of dynamic fisheye count can effectively improve the product quality. 

  • With centralized PVC particle size distribution and uniform pore-distribution in particle, resulting in increase in the oil absorption speed. Generally, the oil absorption value, analyzed by the enterprises, is a static value. However, considering the application of PVC, uniform pore size distribution and pore size is of importance to the downstream processing enterprises. It is suggested to focus on the oil absorption speed, while considering the oil absorption value, to ensure that the plasticizing performance of PVC resin can be comprehensively improved. 

  • Thin thickness of the film to ensure a good colloid-protection and dispensability; narrowed particle distribution with a well uniformity to ensure the quality stability of PVC technology and downstream application processing. 

  • Generally, 10~20% saving in steam consumption when steam stripping and drying for Zhengbang PVA dispersant, with the dosage of dispersant simultaneously reduced in the formula. Through continuous technology improvement and technical innovation, we will focus on persistent optimization to reduce the technological cost for PVC enterprises.