Laboratory Introduction

Zhengbang Technology, oriented to technological innovation, agglomeration and opening-up, and reform-sharing, has established the PolyCentricTM Technology Center based on the experience and technological accumulation of more than ten years in industry serivice, by relying on the technological advantages of strategic partners in Japan, Taiwan and Europe.

With respect to high-pressure polymer research, Zhengbang has preliminarily had world-class R&D experiment conditions. After the Kunming Production Base was built, Zhengbang has had overall-process conditions, from Innovation centeroratory to industrialized technology amplification in high-pressure polymer research.

Based on the macromolecular material analysis and evaluation, Zhengbang provides customers with comprehensive evaluation on product development, product performance, product processing and product economy, in accordance with actual customer demands, serving industrial customers in an all-round manner at the technological level, and providing customers with targeted transformation and upgrading solutions. Meanwhile, PolyCentricTM Technology Center, as an open Innovation centeroratory platform, also provides supports for the innovative projects and innovative talents.

In the future, Zhengbang will constantly build and continue to optimize the technology platform to attract excellent talents and creative projects, where Company will provide necessary conditions for the qualified projects to research and develop new formulas and new products. Zhengbang will gradually transform to a technical service oriented enterprise, with technological cooperation and technological export as the core, making due contributions to industrial upgrading and product innovation.

High-pressure Polymerization Open Laboratory 
Laboratory Introduction

The LAB is equipped  sets of world-class,high-pressure reaction equipment ;

At the operation temperature of -30℃~ 260℃, under operation pressure of 0~15MPa;

Each set of reaction kettles is equipped with 4 independent feed inlets,

Each set of reaction kettles is under independent DCS control. 

Technical Services

It can provide users with new product development and new technology development;

It can determine and optimize the technological parameters after changes in the raw materials and aids, and provide some users with solutions for original product transformation and upgrading.


Cooperation Model

Model I: providing an R&D platform and fund for qualified global innovative talents and projects, and sharing R&D results; 

Model II: entrusted R&D; 

Model III: common R&D;

Model IV: high-pressure polymerization experiment and analysis equipment leasing. 


External Exchange

Open-ended external exchange