Laboratory Introduction 

The LAB is equipped with nearly 20 high-precision, imported testing instruments and equipment, which can test and analyze the melt index, viscosity, whiteness, aging, microcalorie temperature, particle size and distribution, molecular weight distribution, rheological properties, stretching, notched impact strength, elasticity modulus, temperature variation characteristics, nail-holding ability, abrasion resistance and other physicochemical property data; equipped with world-class drying, mixing, pelleting, extrusion, injection molding, mold pressing, blow molding and other processing equipment; equipped with professional analyzers and processing operators; and equipped with world-class high-polymer material samples and aid samples. 

Technical Services

It can provide the customers with testing, analysis and evaluation of high-polymer material physicochemical performance indexes, the material processability validation and quality evaluation, the testing and evaluation of material processed product performance indexes, and the determination and optimization of processing technology parameters.  

Cooperation Model

Entrustment model;

alliance model;

high-pressure polymerization experiment and analysis equipment leasing model 

External Exchange 

Open-ended external exchange