Yunnan Zhengbang Technology Co. Ltd is a chemical enterprise, specialized in serving the Chlor-alkali, adhesive and coating industries, with its HQ located in Kunming. After devoted operation over years, the partners of the Company have covered the Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, America and other countries and regions, with good channels to obtain credit and technological support from foreign countries. Zhengbang has been gradually developing into a specialized chemical company with international competitiveness. 

Adhering to the concept of sustainable experience, technological innovation oriented, relying on the technological advantages of strategic partners in Japan, Taiwan and Europe, the Company has been committed to providing customers with more valuable services. After the unremitting efforts of nearly twenty years, along with the continuous development of China's polyvinyl chloride industry, it has been committed to improvement in the overall product quality and performance of China's polyvinyl chloride, while increasing its own product technological level. 

Annual R&D investment exceeds 6% of the operating income. The Company has R&D and Technological Evaluation Center in Japan, Sichuan and Kunming, and has many senior experts in the industry, with foreign backgrounds. At present, the polyvinyl alcohol product of the Company has been applied in the domestic PVC enterprise groups.

Along with official production of 120,000t bio-based VAE Emulsion and the use of "Macromolecular Material Analysis and Evaluation Center", and "High-pressure Open Laboratory", Zhengbang Technology has been transformed from a single "product sales oriented" enterprise, to a "technical service oriented" enterprise, and has been gradually developing into a specialized chemical company with international competitiveness.

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